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Greens Cr. David Risstrom was the first Green elected in Victoria. During his term as Melbourne City Councillor from March 1999 to September 2004 David worked with his community on ways to improve Melbourne. David's 100 Green Achievements is a list of 100 issues David initiated during his term on Melbourne City Council. Many of these have started or have been achieved, hence the name '100 Green Achievements'. A need for a further list has resulted in 100 More Green Achievements being developed. These ideas, listed under the highlighted headings, ,are being used by Green Councillors across Australia and others to help Green their communities. This page was updated on 14 October 2012.


  Dec 03 Some The Art Gallery Of Is Melbourne
  Feb 04 None Getting ACTive
  Apr 04 None Liven Your Letterbox
  Dec 03 Achieved Living Laneways
  Jan 04 Some Savour Slow Melbourne
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  Dec 03 None Best High Garden
  Dec 03 None Cafe Canine
  Mar 03 Achieved Cool Green Tip Of The Week
  Jun 04 None Designing Your Street
  Jan 04 Ongoing Greening Commercial Developments
  Jul 02 Achieved Skate Park Facilities In Melbourne
  Jul 04 Ongoing Native' Avenues'
  Jun 04 Some Native Bird Boxes
  Jun 02 Achieved Nuclear Free Melbourne
  Dec 03 Some Traffic Monitoring And Control
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  Jun 03 Achieved 30% Green Power Minimum
  Jun 04 Moderate 30% Less Paper Pushed
  Mar 02 Achieved A $5 Million Sustainable Melbourne Fund
  Dec 03 Achieved A 20 Year Water Management Regime
  Dec 03 Some Bagging Melbourne (In A Nice Way)
  Sep 01 Achieved Bringing The Sustainable Living Fair To Melbourne
  Sep 02 Achieved City Of Melbourne Participating In World Summit On Sustainable Development
  Jun 03 Achieved Climate Protection By Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  Dec 02 Achieved Community Power Green Energy
  Jul 03 Achieved Compact Fluorescent Light Give-aways
  Nov 00 Achieved Green Map For Melbourne
  Jun 03 Achieved Green Purchasing Across Australia
  Jun 03 Achieved Growing Green - A 50 Year Plan For Our Parks And Gardens
  Dec 03 Some Increase The Number Of Solar Water Heaters In The Municipality by 1000
  Jul 03 Achieved Major Solar Panel Installation In The City Of Melbourne
  Jul 02 Achieved Melbourne City Council Lighting Strategy
  Dec 03 Ongoing Mulching Melbourne
  Jun 03 Some Provide Information On Locally Indigenous Plant Species With Rate Notices
  Jun 03 Some Ratifying The Kyoto Protocol
  Jun 02 Achieved Refuse Power Generation Sourced From Burning Woodchips
  Jun 05 Ongoing Restaurants Recycling Their Organic Waste
  Jul 03 Achieved The Toronto Declaration And Climate Security
  Dec 01 Achieved Waste Wise Accreditation First In Melbourne
  Aug 02 Achieved Water Campaign ICLEI Pilot Council
  Dec 03 Unknown Worm Melbourne
  Jun 03 Achieved Zero Net Greenhouse Emissions For Melbourne by 2020
  Jun 03 Achieved Zero Waste Goal For Melbourne City
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  Jun 01 Achieved Adopt and Promote The Earth Charter And Its Aims
  Dec 01 Achieved Adopt And Promote The United Nations Global Compact
  Today Ongoing Applying Ethics
  Jun 01 Achieved Environmental Sustainability Is Central To Melbourne City Council Governance
  Mar 02 Achieved Metropolitan Environment Forum
  Nov 02 Achieved Melbourne Principles For Sustainable Cities
  Ongoing Achieved Promoting Peace
  Jul 02 Achieved Proud Precincts
  Dec 02 Achieved Sustaining Democracy
  Dec 00 Achieved The People's Forum
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  Jul 04 Achieved Gambling Less
  Nov 00 Achieved Implementing Triple Bottom Line
  Mar 03 Ongoing Professional Financial Management
  Aug 04 Some Rates Plus
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  Jun 03 Achieved Achieve Indigenous Reconciliation
  Mar 00 Achieved Acknowledgement Of Indigenous Heritage
  Dec 03 Achieved Employ Indigenous People's Talents In The Organisation
  Jun 02 Achieved Reaffirm Council's Statement Of Commitment To Aboriginal Reconciliation
  Ongoing Achieved Sustain Indigenous Arts Grants Program
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  Jun 05 Significant Car Fleet With Average Fuel Use Of 8 Litres/100 km Or Less
  Dec 04 Significant Car Library For Car Sharing
  Jun 04 Some CityLink Benefits
  Jul 03 None Discounted Staff Bike And Accessories Packages Through City Bike Shops
  Dec 03 Some Exterminate Rat Runs
  Dec 04 Some Grown-Up Cars
  Jun 04 Some Increased MET Ticket - Retail - Restaurant Combinations
  Aug 03 Some Monthly, 6 Monthly or Yearly MET Tickets at 10% Discount For Residents
  Dec 03 Some Monthly, 6 Monthly or Yearly MET Tickets at 10% Discount For City Workers
  Dec 01 Achieved Monthly, 6 Monthly or Yearly MET Tickets at 10% Discount For MCC Staff
  June 04 Some Pedestrian Boulevards
  Jul 04 Significant Streets For People
  Mar 04 Some Riding Melbourne
  Apr 03 Achieved Sell Public Transport Tickets From The Town Hall
  Dec 03 Some Slower Speeds
  Dec 03 Some Three Substantial Bicycle Projects
  Jan 04 Some Transport Choices Pack
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  Jun 03 Achieved 1% For Humanity
  Aug 03 Significant City Crèches
  Jun 04 Some Council For The Future
  Jul 04 Significant Crime Prevention By Environmental Design
  Dec 02 Achieved Develop And Manage Affordable Social Housing Stock In Inner Melbourne
  Dec 03 Achieved Establish An Inner City Lending Library
  Dec 03 Some Fairwear As a Hallmark Of City Retailing
  Jun 03 Some Improve Access To Child Care Facilities
  May 03 Some Landcare Weekends
  Jul 02 Achieved Multilingual Service
  Sep 03 Achieved Re-establish The Envirolink Newsletter
  Ongoing Achieved Refugee Justice
  Jun 00 Achieved Safe City World Health Organisation Accreditation
  Jun 02 Achieved Thinking Melbourne
  Ongoing Ongoing Treating Drug Abuse As A Health Issue
  Dec 03 Some Youth Newspaper
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  Jul 03 Some 100 Green Power Users
  Dec 03 Some 100 Leading Lights
  Dec 03 Some $100M Worth Of City Business Is Compliant With ISO 14000
  Jun 02 Achieved Melbourne Is Australia-New Zealand Host For The International Council For Local Environment Initiatives
  Feb 05 Some Promote Victoria As The Determining Jurisdiction For Contracts Made In Asia-Pacific
  Jun 00 Achieved Sustainable Business Directory
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  ASAP Achieved A Mailbox For Your Ideas On 100 More Green Achievements
  ASAP Achieved Your Good Green Ideas For 100 More Green Achievements
There are more ideas on improving Melbourne at: 100 More Green Achievements

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