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David Risstrom - Victorian Greens No. 1 Senate Candidate

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Address: Melbourne City Council, Swanston Walk Melbourne Australia 3000

Contact: Ph: 613 9658 9898 (w) (Aust) 0418 502 713 (mob); Fax: 613 9654 2594 (w) E: david@davidrisstrom.org



I was a Melbourne City Councillor from March1999 to September 2004.

I completed a Bachelors of Laws and Bachelor of Science (Honours First Class) (ANU), Bachelor of Arts (Melbourne University) and Leo Cussen Practical Legal Training Course while working full-time and part-time between 1990-96.

1999-Present: Melbourne City Councillor, Barrister-at-Law

1997-: Melbourne City Councillor (99 -) Barrister Induction Course 1997, Barrister-at-Law (97- ).

7/97 - 11/97: Tutor in Modern Political Thought at Melbourne University.

1996: Leo Cussen Institute Legal Training; Bachelor of Arts: part/time - Melbourne University.
3/93 - 9/96: Electoral Education Trainer: Australian Electoral Commission. I taught groups of up to 60 students and adults about democracy and conducted over 100 mock elections. I developed educational materials for students and staff, and was twice second-in-charge at polling booths.

1995: LLB - Australian National University; BA (part/time) - Melbourne University.
3/95 - 12/95: Senior Research Officer: Australian Parliament - Senate Select Committee on Superannuation: Required legal and social research, organising public hearings and writing Committee reports.
12/94 - 2/95: Legal consultant to the Environment Protection Authority (Cth), reviewing pollution laws for the purpose of assessing the consequences of surrendering Commonwealth immunity.

1994: LLB/BSc(Hons) - Australian National University; BA (p/t) - Melbourne University.
5/94 - 2/95: Research Assistant: Australian Centre for Environmental Law.
1/94 - 5/94: Computer consultant to the Aust. Heritage Commission for E. Gippsland National Estate data:

1993: LLB/BSc (Hons) - Australian National University; BA (part/time) - Melbourne University.
1/93 - 5/93: Surrealism Exhibition Cash Controller: Australian National Gallery.

1992: LLB/BSc (Hons) - Australian National University; BA (part/time) - Melbourne University.

1991: LLB/BSc (Hons) - Australian National University.

1990: BA - Melbourne University.

1980 -1990: Service Station Console Operator ~14 hrs/wk: casual over 10 year while studying.

1989: Project Officer, Victorian National Parks Association. I co-ordinated lobbying for passage of the Alpine National Park and National Parks Amendment Act through the Victorian Parliament.
7/89 - 2/90: Six months travel in Australia and Asia, researching national park management, uranium mining and Aboriginal interests, including one months work on 'Home Valley' Kimberley cattle station.



1996: Bachelor of Arts; Leo Cussen Practical Legal Training Course. (Voted ‘Most Conscientious Student’)

1995: Bachelor of Laws.

1993: Bachelor of Science Honours (First Class).

1993: Inaugural ACTION Trust Environmental Scholarship winner.

1980: Victorian Higher School Certificate - Dux in Environmental Science: Wesley College.

1979: Distinctions in Biology and English: Wesley College Melbourne.



1995: Super and Broken Work Patterns: Seventeenth Report of the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation (Written with other members of the Secretariat); Allocated Pensions: Sixteenth Report of the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation.

1994: ‘Changing the Constitution’: An interactive teaching activity written for the Australian Electoral Commission, which was successfully trialled, and released in 1995.

1990: Melbourne University; Farrago; Various articles, including front-page stories.

1989: Submission to: ‘The Greenhouse Challenge; The Victorian Government’s Response.’

1989: Papers and presentations to the Victorian Parliament whilst campaigning for passage of the National Parks Amendment Act 1989 and Victorian Alpine National Park Act 1989: Submission on the ‘Alpine Area Bogong Planning Unit Proposed Management Plan.’

1989: ‘I Think The Ayes Have It’; Parkwatch, 1989.

1980: ‘Energy Use in the Household’; Submitted to the Victorian Institute of Secondary Education.



1998-9: Volunteer lawyer for Environmental Defenders Office Night service

1997-9: Domestic violence duty lawyer for Springvale Legal Service- Dandenong Magistrates Court.

1996-9: Volunteer lawyer for Fitzroy Legal Service.

1997: Screenwriting short course: Abracadabra Films.

1996 - 1999: 3CR Community Radio Breakfast Program Co-host.

1996: Participant in a film titled ‘We the Jury’ for the Victoria Law Foundation; Appointed as a spokesperson for the Greens - Victoria.

1992 - 1996: Co-ordinator; Australian National University Food Co-op.

1995: Justice of the Peace Training Course: Appointed: 1996 (Now resigned); Red Cross Senior First Aid Certificate; Spanish for Travellers Course: Hawker College.

1989-90: Councillor; Victorian National Parks Association.

1983-85: Rover Crew Leader.

1984: Skydiving competency certificate.

1981-4: Assistant Scout Leader, 1st. Kew Scout Troop, Melbourne.

1983-4: ‘4B’ member: visiting injured people in hospital.

1983: Advanced Open Water Scuba Diving Certificate.

1982: Advanced Rock Climbing Proficiency Certificate.

1981: Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

1980: Queens Scout Award.

1978-80: Venturer Unit Chairman.



Law, Politics, Current Affairs, Social Theory, Environment and Social Justice, Reading, Writing, Travelling, Cycling, Walking, Climbing, Photography, Education, Caffeine, Philosophy.



In addition to spending about 6 months around Australia on bicycle, motorcycle, and hitchhiking, I have travelled in the following countries: Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, East Timor, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Swaziland, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela, Zambia and Zimbabwe.



  • 3CR Community Radio
  • Advantage Credit Union
  • Amnesty International
  • Apple Users Society of Melbourne
  • Arena Publishing.
  • Australia Institute
  • Australian Conservation Foundation
  • Australian Council of Social Services
  • Australian National University Book Co-op
  • Australian Youth Hostels Association Life Member
  • Bicycle Victoria
  • Community Aid Abroad
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Crowe Association
  • Environment Defender’s Office (Victoria)
  • Environment Victoria
  • Fitzroy Legal Service Inc.
  • Friends of the ABC
  • Friends of the Earth
  • Gun Control Australia
  • Humanist Society Of Victoria
  • International Bookshop Co-operative
  • Justice for Indigenous Australians
  • Liberty Victoria
  • Leo Cussen Graduate Association
  • Media, Entertainment, and Arts Alliance
  • National Union of Students
  • Springvale Legal Service
  • St Kilda Organic Food Co-op
  • The Evatt Foundation.
  • The Greens Victoria
  • The Rationalist Society of Australia
  • The Whitlam Institute
  • The Wilderness Society.
  • Victorian Bar
  • Victorian Council of Social Services
  • Victorian National Parks Association
  • Yarra Valley Conservation Society



Work address 1: Melbourne City Council Town Hall, Swanston Walk Melbourne Victoria Australia 3000: MCC phone: 613 9658 9898: MCC fax 2: 613 9654 2594: MCC E-mail davris@melbourne.vic.gov.au (Email address inactive since Oct 04. To contact David Risstrom email david@davidrisstrom.org).

Work address 2: Clerk B, Owen Dixon Chambers West, 205 William Street Melbourne Vic 3000. Clerk's phone: 613 9225 7222 Clerk's fax (Clerk ‘B’): 613 9608 8485 Work Ausdoc: DX 98: E-mail: clerkb@greenslist.com.au

Work address 3: Home/office phone/fax: 613 9482 9451: E-mail: david@davidrisstrom.org: Mobile phone: 0418 502 713

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