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David Risstrom

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9 AUGUST 2007


I've decided to register again for Walk Against Warming. In the true Melbourne traditional of hitting Swanston Street with a four legged companion, last year's Walk Against Warming was a great opportunity to send a message to our community and their leaders that we want action on human induced climate change. I'm encouraging my friends to join me again this year and to have a bit of fun while changing the world. The date for the walk is being pegged at two weeks prior to the Federal election (which hasn't been announced yet).The message below was sent by email to me following my registration. I look forward to you receiving yours and to seeing you on the day.

Walk Against Warming is on again for 2007, in this crucial year for action on climate change, will be taking place the Sunday two weeks before the federal election. The overwhelming success of last yearŐs event heralded the arrival of climate change as the issue that Australians feel most passionately about and are prepared to get out on the streets to show their support of the issue. This year we are needing to make it very to all of Australia that the time has come to take action on climate change and turn Australia onto the right path through legislated emission reduction targets base don 1990 levels of at least 30% by 2020, 80% by 2050.

Please register your support again for the event by going to the website and telling your friends, family and colleagues about the event and asking them to register for the event as well.

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8 AUGUST 2007


I had the good fortune to be a guest speaker for the Monash University 'Understandascope' Series at Federation Square's BMW Edge amphitheatre in Melbourne.

The title for the session I spoke at this evening was 'From roast lamb and three veg to yak steak and bamboo shoots: Australia's Farms are Under Siege, should we close the Australian Farm Gate?' I spoke to a small piece I wrote on the theme and have provided a copy of it as a word document that you can download if you wish. If it available by clicking on the underlined titled above or the following title: The future of AustraliaŐs agriculture is largely up to us: 8 Aug 2007: A 15 minute speech given as part of the Monash University Understandascope series: (40 Kb word document).

The main thesis I promoted was that of all the actors having an influence over Australian agriculture, it is you and I that we are best placed to influence to take action, and that by applying ethics to our actions, we create a good foundation for a more sustainable Australian agriculture.

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21 JULY 2007


The Australian Conservation Foundation has published a fantastic online 'Consumption Atlas' that gives a new dimension to keeping up with the Jones'

By entering your State, or better, your postcode, your can get a simple picture of how how your State or postcode rates for greenhouse pollution, water use or ecofootprint.

While there are always limitations to such measures, the Consumption Atlas is a fantastic way of quickly comparing how your neighbourhood is comparing to others. And in ways other than the ways many of us have compared progress.

Give it a go by clicking on the underlined link and follow the very easy to follow instructions: Australian Conservation Foundation Consumption Atlas.

Congratulations to the ACF for providing information forums to make our own assessment of our environmental impact without thrusting it down our throats. More power to you, by giving more power to us!

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6 JULY 2007


I clearly spoke to soon yesterday when commending Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson for his honesty over the role of oil in the Australian military occupation of Iraq.

Within a flash of Mr Nelson having made his announcements, a HAN missile (Howard to Nelson missive/missile) shot down the Defence Minister's candid remarks that Australia's continued occupation of Iraq was supported by the aim to increase oil security for the occupying governments.

For those of us optimistic that human civilisations are capable of more, some things change so slowly they would exhaust a drunken snail.

Lets hope one day Australian Prime Minister John Howard is sent to his room without supper, and that he doesn't come out again until he is prepared to tell the truth.

I am prepared to wait. A little while.

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5 JULY 2007


Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson needs to be congratulated for his honesty in stating that Australia's current involvement in the war in Iraq is in part justified by the desire to secure oil and other energy reserves. It is a much more honest explanation than provided for any other current or past Government Ministers.

The Government has steadfastly denied that Iraq was invaded with the aim of increasing foreign control of its oil resources, but these explanations have not stood a simple commonsense test. If one had doubts prior to the 'shock and awe' campaign of the Second Gulf War, the fact that the only major Iraq Government administrative installation defended once Baghdad had been secured was the Ministry of Oil. The further well known fact that the offences for which Saddam Hussein was found guilty of in his recent trial occurred while Saddam was an ally of United States of America and Australia, leaves the claim that human rights were being defended indefensible.

Yes, Minister Nelson. Thank you. Very courageous in a way that Westminster responsibility once stood for, prior to its more recent displacement by weak modern parliamentary practices.

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1 JULY 2006


This page provides my news and views from July 1 to Sep 30 2007. The previous edition of my current news and views are available by clicking here: David Risstrom's News and Views: Apr-Jun 2007: David.

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