Things you need to play Sustainability are listed below:

Sustainability Game Board

Sustainability Game Rules

Sustainability Game Enviro Questions

Enviro ?s 1-30 Word

Enviro ?s 31-60 Word

Enviro ?s 61-72 Word

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Sustainability Game People Questions

People ?s 100-105 Word

People ?s 106-111 Word

People ?s 112-117 Word

People ?s 118-123 Word

People ?s 124-129 Word

People ?s 130-135 Word

People ?s 136-141 Word

People ?s 142-147 Word

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Sustainability Game Dollar Questions

Dollar ?s 200-205 Word

Dollar ?s 206-211 Word

Dollar ?s 212-217 Word

Dollar ?s 218-223 Word

Dollar ?s 224-229 Word

Dollar ?s 230-235 Word

Dollar ?s 236-241 Word

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Welcome to Sustainability, the board game about life, your universe and everything. Sustainability is a board game that can be played by two or more people or groups, and involves asking each other questions about sustainability. This page contains most of the things that you need to get started. The aim of the game is to finish with an equal amount of Enviro, People and Dollar tokens and to be the first back to Sustainable Earth. You might also find out something about environmental, social and economic issues, and to think about how the things we do affect our world.
How to Play Sustainability
To play Sustainability you will need:

Two to four individuals or groups

A Sustainability Board Game: A copy of the board is available for download by clicking on the underline title: Sustainability Game Board (163 Kb pdf) or Sustainability Game Board (163 Kb jpeg).

Two Dice

An Egg Timer

Game pieces

Sustainability Question and Answer cards
Social Cultural (People)
Environment (Enviro)
Dollar (Economic)

Copies of questions can be downloaded from this website as Microsoft Word (Word) files. The questions are listed on the left hand side of this page and can be accessed by clicking on either the underlined 'Word' or 'pdf' title next to the questions you want

Sustainability Point Tokens
40 People points (red tokens)
40 Enviro points (green tokens)
40 Dollar points (blue tokens)

Optional - 1 Question Master (A person who asks all the questions and hands out the points).

Rules of the Sustainability game.

Choose your game piece. Put it in the middle of the Earth on the board. The game will start from here.

Make sure that the Enviro, People and Dollar question cards are on the board and ready.

Each player rolls the dice. The person with the highest roll goes first.

The person with the highest roll, rolls the dice again. This time you move forward the number of spaces indicated. You can move out of Earth in any direction. Once you have entered the outside circle you must continue in a clockwise direction.

If you land on a green square, you will be asked an Enviro question.

If you land on a blue square, you will be asked an Dollar question.

If you land on a red square, you will be asked an People question.

If there isn't a 'Question Master', the person sitting on your left will always ask you the question and hand out points.

If you get a question right, you will be awarded point tokens as dictated by the question card.

If you get a question wrong you may have to hand a point back to the “Question Master”.

Keep going around answering questions until you have to hand a point token back to the “Question Master”.

Keep going around answering questions until you have 10 Enviro points, 10 People points and 10 Dollar points

If you already have 10 points for one category; eg, you have 10 Enviro point tokens and in the next roll you land on a green square you miss out on a question and the next player takes their turn. You need to continue around the game board until you have ten point tokens for each category.

Once you have all your Sustainability points you can move towards the finish point – Sustainable Earth.

You need to roll exactly the right number before you can enter Earth. If you roll too many, then you have to keep going around the game board. The person who gets Sustainable Earth first is the winner!

An Invitation to contribute to Our Sustainability Game

Dear friends and fellow travellers,

We believe sustainability is something worth thinking about, and something you probably have good ideas about. And perhaps good questions also! That is why we are inviting you and your friends to provide a sustainability question and answer for Sustainability.

The objective of the game is to raise awareness and change the way people do things.

The sustainability board game will be for people 12- 14 years old (and up) that we are targeting for use in schools in Australia and all over the world.

We would really value your input by contributing one or more sustainability focussed questions and an answer to the question that game participants could be asked. Questions must be a maximum of 40 words long. Answers must be a maximum of 10 words long. We also invite you to use a further 20 words to expand on the answer and/or to describe where more information can be found.One of the things we have thought about is ‘How should responsibility for achieving sustainability be shared between government, business, the community and individuals?’, so you may choose to incorporate that into how or what question you frame.

To accompany your question and answer, we also invite you to provide a brief description of who you are, with a view to printing your description on the back of the question card. Please provide up to 40 words describing yourself and why sustainability is important to you. You may choose to not provide a description, by providing a question and answer only. That is entirely your choice.

Please note that your question, answer and description may be made public if it is incorporated into the game, and that we are confirming that no commercial rights arise from volunteering a question, answer and your description. We also confirm we need to reserve the right to edit material provided to us, but will endeavour not to do so. Please provide what you can in English, as my translation skills could just start another war (and no-one needs that!).Please reply by return e-mail to this e-mail or to We will try reply to your e-mail, to acknowledge your contribution.

Thank you for your help and involvement.

Yours sincerely, Carla Craig, Chris Heath, Christine Oakley, David Risstrom, David Rowe, Geraldine Plas, Jane Edwards, Peter Wilkins, Sarah Broadbent and Tamara Logan.
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