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David Risstrom - Victorian Greens No. 1 Senate Candidate

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Greensforums discontinued in 2009 following a very long and strong history. No further Greensforums will be held at CII until further notice. Greensforums had been held for some years on certain Fridays at 5:30 pm. Upstairs in CII's Restaurant, 470 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne. Entry was free.



Greensforums are monthly informal forums where a prominent person is asked to discuss a topic of interest.

Greensforums are free to attend. You do not have to be a member of the Greens and are not required to join in order to participate. Issues and speakers are chosen on the basis of their relevance and value to the community.

They begin at 5:30 pm on the first Friday of each month upstairs at CII's Restaurant, 470 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Victoria. Discussion usually finishes at 7 pm, when participants are invited downstairs to buy a drink from the bar and enjoy complimentary nibbles provided by the generous proprietors.

The Greensforums were initiated by Brian Walters, SC, who has a strong commitment to a just and well-informed society through his work in the law, his membership of the Greens and his involvement in community issues on behalf of Free Speech Victoria and Liberty. Joel Townsend has done a great deal of work with Brian to maintain the success of the Greensforums.

Past speakers have included Greens Senator Bob Brown on Green Politics, Jamie Gardiner of Liberty Victoria on Gay Rights, Julian Burnside on Refugees, Ken Davidson, Wayne Wescott on Local Government and the Environment, Paul Sinclair on the Murray, Greg Connellan, Harry Barber as a Melbourne City Mayoral candidate, Tim Costello, Marjorie Thorpe in Indigenous Issues, and myself (David Risstrom) on Melbourne City Council politics.

I'll endeavour to keep an updated list of speakers. Ideas for speakers for future Greensforums can be e-mailed to me at Greensforums@davidrisstrom.org, which I will pass onto Joel and Brian.

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Greensforums usually begin at 5:30 pm on the First Friday of each month, upstairs in CII's Restaurant, 470 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne. Entry is free. In some instances, where demand is high, other venues are used.

Dr Wayne Atkinson speaking on indigenous issues has been rescheduled from 1 September 2006 to a date to be determined.

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A separate though complementary program of Greensforums has evolved in Glenferrie, Melbourne. The program for these is available on a separate website at Glenferrie Greensforums. Share a glass of wine and inspiring ideas. Meals and snacks are available after the talk for those who wish to stay on for a chat.

Most recent Glenferrie Greensforums:

Wed 19 April 06: John Freebairn, Professor of Economics and Director of the Melbourne Institute, will present on 'Tax reform and social justice': Venue: The Elgin Inn (upstairs room), 75 Burwood Rd Hawthorn 3122

Wed 22 March 06: Ken Davidson - Politicians - the real threat to democracy. Venue: Beehive Hotel, 84 Barkers Rd Hawthorn

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Speaker Date Topic
Dr Bart Ziino 7 September 07 How people in Australia attempted to come to terms with having WWI dead remain on battlefields on the other side of the world
Frank de Jong from the Ontario Greens 20 July 07 Green politics
Rod Quantock, comedian and chicken chaperone 7 July 07 Rod being Rod
Peter Job, Refugee activist and Greens candidate. 1 June 07 Refugee policy
Vanessa Bleyer, President of Lawyers for Forests 4 May 07 Recent developments in logging in Victoria
Michael Pearce SC 13 April 07 The proposed Access Card and a constitutional challenge
to the Commonwealth government's regressive electoral laws
Michele Fountain and Emma Henley 23 March 07 Global Young Greens Conference in Nairobi
Richard di Natale 1 December 06 2006 Victorian State Election
Peta Murphy, solicitor for Stary and Associates 10 November 06 Jack Thomas and the 'Anti Terror' Laws.
Professor Brian Costar 6 October 06 Victorian State election and politics
Gerard Brody, Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby 1 September 06 Gay and lesbian rights
Professor Graham Brown 4 August 06 International Health and Preparations for Avian Flu
Rod Quantock 7 July 06 Rod, life, politics and laughs
Peter Singer 2 June 06 Ethics
Herman Wangai, West Papuan activist 5 May 06 West Papua
Richard Flanagan, Author 31 March 06 Sport and Society
Ken Davidson 22 March 06 Politicians - the real threat to democracy
Greens Senator Christine Milne 3 March 06 Current issues as a Greens Senator
Barry Jones 2 December 05 The campaign to have capital punishment abolished
Prof. Sarah Joseph, Castan Centre for Human Rights Law 4 November 05 The legalisation of torture and the diminution of human rights
Marika Dias, Human Rights Lawyer 7 October 05 Scott Parkin's deportation and recent changes to ASIO laws
Dr Rob Sparrow of Monash University 2 September 05 The New Eugenics
David Tatnall - Wilderness photographer 5 August 05 Discussing aspects of his photograph collection
Waleed Ally - Islamic Council of Victoria 1 July 05 Islam, Discrimination and Demonstration
Prof. Marcia Neave - Vic. Law Reform Commission 3 June 05 Law Reform in Victoria
Andrew Hamilton, S. J., publisher of Eureka Street 6 May 05 The Importance of the Independent Voice
Dr. Steven Curry - University of Melbourne 1 April 05 The Gunns Writ and Freedom of Speech
Fr. Peter Norden of Jesuit Social Services 4 March 05 Criminal Justice Reform
Dr Julie Debeljak, Castan Centre for Human Rights 4 February 05 An Australian Bill of Rights
Dr Jude McCulloch 3 December 04 Proposed changes to police powers in Victoria
Dr David Corbett 5 November 04 'Sending them Home' - the return of asylum seekers to Afghanistan and Iraq
Senate candidates Richard di Natale + David Risstrom 1 October 04 An Australian Republic
Clive Hamilton 3 September 04 Growth Fetishism
Paul Collins 20 August 2004 Ecology and Spirituality
Greg Connellan of Liberty Victoria 6 August 2004 Guantanamo Bay detainees
Green Senator Kerry Nettle + Senate Candidate David Risstrom 9 July 2004 Federal election issues
Dr Mark Peel 4 June 2004 'Poverty in Australia'
Juan Rogas 7 May 2004 Juan, from the Permaculture Institute on 'El Salvador'
Joo-Cheong Tham 2 April 2004 'Casualties of the 'War on Terror': ASIO's powers and the banning of 'terrorist' organisations'
Rod Wilson 12 March 2004 Medicare and health care reform
Dr. Richard di Natale, Cr. Greg Barber + Cr. David Risstrom 6 February 2004 Progressive Politics in an Election Year
Arnold Zable 5 December 2003 Refugees and Storytelling
Ramona Koval 7 November 2003 Issues relating to the ABC
Bob Phelps 3 October 2003 Genethics Network
Malcolm Reid + Anne Lockley 5 September 2003 Intervention in the Solomons
Sian Prior 1 August 2003 Art and the Environment
Anne O'Rourke 4 July 2003 GATS and the US-Australia free trade agreement
Jamie Gardiner 13 June 2003 Gay Rights
Wayne Wescott 2 May 2003 Local Government and the Environment
Ken Davidson 4 April 2003 Analysis of Australia's Involvement in the Gulf War
Marjorie Thorpe 21 March 2003 Indigenous Issues
Dr Paul Sinclair 7 March 2003 Rivers
Rev Tim Costello 7 February 2003 Nagaland
Snr. Bob Brown, Cr. David Risstrom + Greens state election candidates 6 December 2002 Victorian State Election Wrap up
Dr Paul Mees
8 November 2002 The Cars That Ate Melbourne
Julian Burnside QC 4 October 2002 Refugees - Populism and Policy
Dr Tim Bonyhady 13 September 2002 The Colonial Earth
Richard Tregear 2 August 2002 'The War on Drugs': Drugs, Law and Bumps in the Road of Life
William Lines 5 July 2002 Australia's Environmental History
Sarah Joseph 7 June 2002 International Criminal Court
Scott Kinnear 3 May 2002 Eating What We Preach
Professor Joseph Camilleri 12 April 2002 Australia and Asia after the Tampa
Doug Humann 1 March 2002 Private Conservation as a Public Good
Janet Powell 1 February 2002 Reflections on life in politics
Chris Baxter 7 December 2001 The Vanishing Wilderness
Glenys Oogjes 2 November 2001 The campaign to prevent the killing of bats in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Rev Dr Wes Campbell, Bilal Cleland, Alison Duxbury + Terry Lane 29 October 2001 The military intervention in Afghanistan
Chris Mardon 5 October 2001 Energy or Climate Change - must we choose?
Janice Carpenter 7 September 2001 How ethical investment can make a difference
Rev Alistair Macrae 3 August 2001 Spirituality and the Environment
Lindsay Hesketh 6 July 2001 Competition Policy and the Forests
Chris Tipler 1 June 2001 Using economic arguments to win the Conservation War
Dr Mardie Townsend 4 May 2001 The Greening of Industry and Corporate Citizenship
Annie Goeke 6 April 2001 The US Green Presidential Campaign
Harry Barber 2 March 2001 As Green Mayoral Candidate on transport
Senator Bob Brown 2 February 2001 Bob being Bob
Professor Chris Nyland 8 December 2000 Trade and the Defence of Rights
Karen Alexander 24 Nov 2000 Campaigning for the Environment
Cr. David Risstrom 20 Oct 2000 Life on Melbourne City Council


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