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ACHIEVEMENT: Melbourne's nature strips host native plants and habitat for local indigenous plants, insects and birds.

TARGET DATE: December 2006 PROGRESS: Some.

DESCRIPTION: Many of Melbourne's residential streets have a strip of lawn in between their footpath and the roadway known as 'nature strips.' Nature strips have traditionally been tightly cut sections of lawn manicured by their custodians with their other Australia icon, the Victa lawnmower.

While forests and other natural areas have had a great deal of effort put into their protection, grasses have not and now represent some of the most fragmented and endangered flora communities in Australia. This idea would encourage the City of melbourne and its residents to redo their nature strips with native grasses or other plants that will require less maintenance, provide better habitat for local plants , insects and animals, and offer seed saving sanctuaries throughout our suburbs. Particularly given the more recent understanding that urban areas provide an important refuge for many threatened and endangered species, a move towards more native plants and animals and a less meticulously managed lawn for a nature strip would help biodiversity, save water and free up a bit more time on the weekend to watch the football or cricket!

Some progress has been made in this area in Melbourne's public parks under the Growing Green policy

FURTHER INFORMATION: Good readable academic information on the recognition of urban areas as important habitat areas can be found in Nic Lowe's book, The New Nature.


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