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ACHIEVEMENT: The City of Melbourne has set a target of 10,000 bicycle parks in the CBD by 2010.

TARGET DATE: October 2003. PROGRESS: Achieved.

DESCRIPTION: This policy is to set a target of providing 10,000 bicycle parks in the CBD by 2010, through a combination of on street and off street parking in parking garages, inside city buildings and other areas where bicycles are used as transport.

I proposed this to the City of Melbourne Environment, Community and Cultural Development Committee on Tuesday 7 October 2003 as an amendment to a report on providing bicycle parking at the City Baths. The Council accepted my proposal, making it policy. The CBD currently has an estimated 2,000 bicycle parking spaces, made up of approximately 6-700 on street hoops and ~ 600 dedicated off street bicycle parking spaces.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Participants in the 8 October 2003 Ride to Work Day were very pleased to hear this news when Melbourne Lord Mayor John So, and myself to a later crowd, announced this development at Federation Square this morning. I describe it as 'one small cycle for one City. One giant cycle for mankind.

A copy of the amusing and practical City Rider Guide, put out by supporters of Critical Mass, is available as a 333 Kb pdf download by clicking on the underlined title.

The picture above and bellow of a bicycle parking area next to the Frieburg Train Station, Frieburg, Germany.


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